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I was going to try them, and after reading these posts I am thankful they never showed up to my house. (and understand why financing was so concerning to them)

Appointment postponed due to large demand after some show event in Minnesota.(I guess I was not as importand as the other customers)

Got 5 calls asking same questions: what was I planning to build, how long had I been in my house...they just did not seem to be organized...or have a computer...or note pad!

A day before my third rescheduled appoinmtent, they called to tell me "the boss says that their statistics show that people that have not been in their homes for more than 1 year have a hard time to get finance to pay...", I've been in my house for 2 months, but had planned to pay upfront. So much for "agressive" sales people. They lost my business.


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Oneonta, New York, United States #587066

Here is what really happened here, you set up an appointment they then pulled your credit.They found that you have bad credit and cannot do business with you.

Instead of being mean to you they made up a story to not hurt your feelings.

I used to work for the company in the telemarketing department and found not everyone can afford this system.The way they sell the system is questionable but the product does last forever and won't make you sick like drywall does after being in a basement for 10 years.

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