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Uses Angie's Lists Best of award symbols fraudulently, and the same as the Owens Corning Certification. Has his handyman submit bids so he can over charge. The owner, Robert Oyler has also had several complaints regarding sexual harassment. In April of this year, his roofing crew took off a customer's roof in Sandy UT and walked of the job when it started raining and left in un-coveered. The customer's home sustained thousands of dollars in... Read more

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Signed up for a free estimate at a local home show in order to get "half off installation costs". For 500 square feet, the estimate was $33,000!! When pressed for the discount, we were told it was $1500. So basically, the salesperson is saying the total labor cost is only $3000. Really? They also say you will realize 92% of the cost in the improved value of your home. Certainly not in the current real estate market! They try to scare you... Read more

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I was going to try them, and after reading these posts I am thankful they never showed up to my house. (and understand why financing was so concerning to them) Appointment postponed due to large demand after some show event in Minnesota.(I guess I was not as importand as the other customers) Got 5 calls asking same questions: what was I planning to build, how long had I been in my house...they just did not seem to be organized...or have a... Read more

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Never trust anyone from owens and corning they took my money and wont give it back,and was told if contract didnt go through I would recieve it all they say only a portion can be returned.Ssalesman guaranteed our monies back but now he up and quit,How conveinent,and they say we have to pay for his comission when in fact my fiance won a free home analysis from them crooked sonsofa you know what.I have been trying to reach them for over a... Read more

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Owens Corning makes some very good products but the basement system is going to destroy their brand (if it has not already done so). If you are considering the basement system, RUN! They tell everyone that they are looking for a demo site and offering a super discount. Not true! Once you contact them, they continue to inundate you with phone calls, even if you request that you be on a no-call list. If you don't want annoying phone calls, do... Read more

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I purchased two Garage Door Insulation Kits back in Julythat came with plastic clips to hold the panels in place. Some of the clips broke during installation and since installation. The panels are now sagging all I've had to resort to using fishing line to hold them in place. I've e-mailed Owens Corning at least 3-4 times and at first they said they would send me more clips. I never received them and every time I e-mail them they... Read more

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I have this system in my basement and I would NEVER recommend it. I put the walls up in my finished basement because I was told that if they ever got wet, the walls would dry quickly and end up looking like new. I recently got 6 inches of rain water in my basement due to a flood. It took 2-3 weeks for the walls to dry, the insulation has still not returned to it's original form so it looks sunken in, and the waters stains (even though I... Read more

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Do not trust high pressure Owen Corning basement salesment!!! They stop in your home during dinner hour to pitch their basement finishing system. What appeared to be a well rehearsed sales routine for apparently a fine product became a three hour interuption of our dinner plans (while we were cooking!). My wife and I are colledge educated and think of ourselves as above average thinkers. But because of the distractions of our children and time... Read more

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I have to say that if you want a nice finish, do not use this system. For what you get and the price, you pay, you can get a better finished product. We had it installed 2 years ago for my grandchildren to enjoy it. The biggest problem is that insects, rodents etc., can get through the spaces, especially if the workmanship was not good. Also, the material was poorly installed and the project manager was not easy to deal with. Also, if you are... Read more

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The policy for Owens Corning sales people is to add any give away,big screen TV or $1000. debit card, to the price charged to the customer. That would make it a purchase not a give away. The are also authorized to discount up to 27% off the list price which is very high because there is no competition on this product. If you want the Owens Corning system it can only be purchased from Lynn-T Associates in Aston Pa. distributors for Phila. and... Read more

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